Meet the Staff

Stephanie O'Neill

Stephanie O'Neill

Stephanie O’Neill relocated to Asheville, NC in 2010. As an established English riding instructor and professional horse trainer, Stephanie’s broad range of experience in riding and training makes her a perfect choice for not only a beginner rider but also the more advanced rider and for anyone who is looking for help bringing their horse to the next level. next Full Bio

Big Ben

Big Ben

   Big Ben, Shire

Ben is 26 years old, in retirement from his carriage driving days.

Verbage aka Bowie


   Verbage, aka Bowie - TB

Owned by Emma Claire. Bowie is the clown of the barn. He is always into something. Watch when you pass by, he may reach out for his favorite treat, a twizzler. He is an exceptional mover with talent as an equitation horse as well as dressage.

Native N Bold


   Native N Bold aka Native - TB X QH

Native is a second level trained dressage horse in semi retirement. Native is teaching our beginner students how to correctly use their aids and is a huge asset to CCEC.

Tinsel Town Showgun aka Gunner ASB


   Tinsel Town Showgun, aka Gunner - ASB

Owned by Suzie, Gunner is a real sweetheart. He is a favorite for the dressage enthusiast.



   Skips Radical Yogi, aka Skip

New to the show scene Skip is making a strong impression at the local horse shows. Skip is a favorite mount for our intermediate hunters.

Trigger, Morgan X Welch Pony


   Trigger, Morgan X Welsh Pony

This special pony was a diamond in the rough. He came to CCEC as a very seasoned pony who now enjoys teaching younger students about riding, horsemanship and BALANCE.

Mini Moons AgoGo, TB X Welch Pony


   Mini Moons AgoGo, aka M&M - TB X Welsh Pony

M&M is a fancy pony with floating gaits, he is training to be a hunter jumper. He has all the bells and whistles to promise a strong competition in the show ring.

NC Goldbars, aka Sunshine QH


   NC Goldbars, aka Sunshine - QH

Owned by Lisa. Sunny is a young filly who is starting to prove herself as a competent mount. Her beautiful goldern Palomino coat instantly catches your eye and her sweet disposition makes her a delight to work with. Our young trainers in training are gaining extensive knowledge while putting successful rides under this talented filly's belt. Hoping for a debut at her first horse show next spring.

Get Smart aka Smarty POA


   Get Smart, aka Smarty - POA

Owned by Vickie. Smarty is an incredible, large pony with a huge heart. He excels in the hunter ring and is a favorite with all the students.

Global Express aka Moose TB


   Global Express, aka Moose - TB

Owned by Rachel. Moose is an upper level horse for more advanced riders. He is a proven talent over fences with the tenacity of a race horse.

Lena, APHA


   Lena, APHA

Lena is a well trained, very professional and experienced mare who is sure to take care of her rider. Lena is used for our intermediate hunters.

Professional Trainer Stephanie O'Neill
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